3M Scotch VHB Adhesive Tape

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3M VHB Rp45 Foam Adhesive Tape 1.2cm x 5m (1/2" x 16.4') - Dark Gray


3M™ VHB™Tapes all-acrylic construction provides strength and durability in highly demanding applications

  • Dark gray, closed-cell acrylic foam carrier.
  • Conformable. 
  • Good Adhesion to many painted surfaces,including powder coated paint.
  • Adhesive type: Modified Acrylic
  • Tape thickness w/o liner: 45 mils (1.1mm)
  • Relative adhesion: HSE: High, LSE Med
  • Solvent Resistance: High
  • 50% strength of bond in 20 minutes, 90% strength of bond in 24 hours and 100% strength of bond after 72 hours