Gloss Yellow Rimstripes by Tapeworks - (C7 Velocity Yellow)

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  • Stripe-It-All Installation Tool

Gloss Yellow Rimstripes by Tapeworks - (C7 Velocity Yellow)


Tapeworks' Rimstripes is one of the first striping systems designed specifically for wheels.  For nearly 25 years, this product has gone through several changes, Tapeworks use only the highest-quality material available and most of their customers' Rimstripes last several year - even decades!  Available in all of nearly 100 colors in three widths, there is a set of Rimstripes for everyone! Rimstripes are designed to install on any wheel as long as it has a reasonably consistent rim with a smooth surface. 

Good match for:
2014 - 2015 Velocity Yellow Corvette

- 1 Roll contains enough striping for 4 install surfaces (1 complete car, 1 complete motorcycle, 1 complete bicycle, etc.)
- PLUS an extra strip for practice or spare
- Available in three widths: 3/8" (.375"), 1/4" (.25"), and 1/8" (.125")
- Offered in 2 lengths: Standard Rim - fits up to 18" diameter rim, BIG Rim - fits up to 24" diameter rim
- NOTE: Measure the diameter of your rim with a tape measure (a 17" car rim may actually measure 18" at the outer lip where you may be installing the stripe) 

We strongly recommend installing Rimstripes with a Stripe-It-All™ tool for the easiest, best installation.  The Stripe-It-All™ tool is available separately.