Universal Manual Show N Go Retractable License Plate Bracket

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Universal Manual Show N Go Retractable License Plate Bracket  


The Show N Go eliminates the standard OEM front license plate mount that often looks like a design afterthought, and replaces it with a mount that both displays the plate in a more attractive position, and allows the plate to be retracted and stowed out of site with a simple one hand motion. No tools or adjustments are required. The transport mechanism incorporates a stainless steel torsion spring that both retains the mount in the stored position and also causes it to flip up into the display position when it is manually pulled.



  • Eliminates the standard unsightly OEM bracket from the front of your vehicle
  • Show N Go’s patented design allows you to relocate your plate and bracket to a more attractive position on the front of your car
  • Allows you to manually retract and stow your plate and bracket cleanly away and out of sight
  • Completely hide your plate and bracket with a simple, one-handed motion quickly and without tools
  • The Show N Go license plate bracket uses a high-strength stainless steel torsion spring to hold the bracket and plate either in the stored position or flipped up in the display position by simply pushing it in or pulling it out
  • Fits a wide-range of vehicles across many automotive segments including cruiser, pickup truck, performance, hip hop, and sports car.
  • Featuring all stainless steel or tough, glass-filled polymer components and fasteners, the Show N Go License Plate Holder will provide long lasting, trouble-free operation
  • The Show N Go’s base frame is coated in an attractive and very durable satin black SS e-coating which will retain its beauty for years of use
  • Fully assembled with universal mounting hardware
  • Easy-to-install design makes installation accessible to the average auto enthusiast


  • Plate transport system.
  • Hardware kit with instructions