The Original Bugs Off Cleaning Pad

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The Original Bugs Off Cleaning Pad


Don't be fooled by cheap imitations that may scratch or damage your paint.  This is the original Bugs Off Cleaning Pad made by the same folks that make the Original Love Bug Eraser. 

How is it different from any other bug remover? With chemical (liquid) bug removers you need to wash your car, apply the bug remover, then wash and wax that section of the car again. You can't use it on windows as it would smear the next time you put your wipers on! The bug removing products from the Orient state on the packaging “use on glass & chrome”. Well, chrome doesn’t exist on cars anymore – its plastic made to look like chrome. So you take on chance on scratching your paint or only use it on glass, but then you still have to wash the residue off the car! The Bugs Off Cleaning Pad is meant to wash your entire vehicle and as you’re just washing it removes dirt, grime, any kind of bug, brake dust, bird droppings, etc., from all vehicle surfaces.

Have you ever wondered how to best clean love bugs off your car?


REMOVE LOVE BUGS QUICK & EASY – Use the Bugs Off Cleaning Pad



See how easily all the bugs, dirt & grime will be removed using only car wash soap & water – No expensive, polluting chemicals or sprays needed.




The Bugs Off Cleaning Pad feels rough but cleans gently!

Wash your entire car with the Bugs Off Cleaning Pad

Clean away:

  • bugs
  • dirt
  • road grime 
  • brake dust
  • minor road tar

The Bugs Off Cleaning Pad is:

  • reusable – just rinse and reuse over & over again
  • safe for paint, clear coat, plastic, glass, metal
  • cleans all bugs off with only car wash soap & water
  • Quick & Easy