Engine Stop Start Eliminator Idlestopper for Acura Integra 2023-2024

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Product Description

Engine Stop Start Eliminator Idlestopper for Acura Integra 2023-2024

Some don't like the auto idle stop system for annoyance. Others don't like it because of the added wear on the engine, starter and battery. Lastly, some have safety issues from being stranded at an intersection when their car didn't restart. We have made the Idlestopper™  for everyone who loves their Honda/Acura and doesn't want the daily reminder of having to turn off the idle stop system.

After installed, the system will set to OFF by default at every startup. You can still, at any time, turn the system back on when desired by simply pressing the idle stop button. No matter the setting that was last used, the Idlestopper™ will always default the system off.

Full Plug and Play Module! Has OEM connectors for a seamless and clean installation. Connects inline with the console power outlet and the Idle stop off switch connectors. Let's get the idle stop system working the right way, OFF by default!

Does this products void your vehicle warranty?

Per the Magnusson-Moss Warranty Act, a manufacturer can only deny a warranty claim when an aftermarket component is installed if the dealer or manufacturer can prove that the aftermarket component caused the failure.  To avoid any possible questions ever arising from lack of knowledge of this product by the servicing dealer, it is recommended to remove the module prior to bringing the vehicle in for any service.