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Yamaha Power Products EF2200IS

Generator Power; Brushless Inverter AC Generator; 79 CC/ OHV/ Air-Cooled/ Single Cylinder/ 4-Stroke Engine; Gasoline/ 1.24 Gallons Fuel Tank Capacity; 1800 Watt Rating/ 2200 Watt Max; 120 Volt AC/ 12 Volt DC; 15 Amps AC Rating/ 18.3 Amps AC Max/ 3 Amps DC Rating; 10.5 Hour Runtime At 1/4 Rated Load/ Noise Level 57 - 65 Decibels; Portable; 55.2 Pound Weight; 21.9 Inch Length x 11.8 Inch Width x 18.5 Inch Height


Fuel TypeGasoline
AC Output (Rated/Max) Wattage1800 Watt/ 2200 Watt
Continuous Run Time (1/4 Load)10.5 Hour
Noise Level (Zero Load)57 Decibel
Fuel Tank Capacity (Gallon)1.24 Gallon
DC Output (Volt/Amps)12 Volt/ 3 Amps
Max AC Current (Amps)18.3 Amps
Length (IN)21.9 Inch
Width (IN)11.8 Inch
Height (IN)18-1/2 Inch
Displacement (CC)79 Cubic Centimeter
Engine TypeAir-Cooled/ Single Cylinder/ 4-Stroke Engine
Noise Level (Full Load)65 Decibel
Weight Dry55.2 Pounds


  • Outfitted With A Sophisticated Muffler For Quiet Operation
  • Rugged design with a powerful high output Yamaha MZ80 engine.
  • Twin Tech Parallel Function - Connect Two Generators In- Line With A Twin Tech Cable For Rated 30 Ampere Of Power
  • Standard RV Outlet - No More Searching For The Right Adapter
  • Smart Dial Knob - Simple And Easy Start-Up. Smart Throttle - Automatic Load Sensing Adjusts Power To Device Needs.
  • Illuminated Multi-Function LED Display - See Generator Status At A Glance Both Day And Night. DC Outlet - Flexibility To Charge And Use Devices
  • Tri-Handle - Makes Loading, Unloading And Moving The Unit A Breeze.
  • Overload Reset Button - Easily Restore Power Without Shutting Down The Unit. Easy Carb Drain - Prevents Stale Fuel Issues And Prepares For Long Term Storage
  • Tool-Less Rear Panel - Easily Access Engine Compartment And Perform Maintenance
  • Easily See Fuel Level At-A-Glance
  • Limited 3 Year Warranty