2017-2018 Raptor HO 3.5L EcoBoost Bully Dog BDX Tuner w/ 5 Custom Tunes

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2017-2018 Raptor HO 3.5L EcoBoost Bully Dog BDX Tuner w/ 5 Custom Tunes


  • Powerful 5-Star Custom Tunes for 2017-2018 Raptors
  • Includes five 5-Star Tunes and Bully Dog Canned Tunes
  • Application and octane-based custom tuning
  • Stores stock file for troubleshooting
  • Backed by optional Stage 3 Powertrain Warranties

Complete Bully Dog BDX Tuner and Custom Tune Package

5-Star's custom tuning provides your 2017-2018 Raptor's HO 3.5L EcoBoost V6 with some of the best bang-for-your-buck power gains on the market in a simple package that can have your truck churning out massive levels of power and improve its shifting. 5-Star's custom tuning adjusts key parameters and tables within your Raptor's engine computer so that it squeezes out impressive levels of horsepower and torque without the need for any "hard" bolt-on performance parts. TThe increased power output is combined with altered transmission tuning that's carefully designed to fill in some of the gaps in the 2017-2018 Raptor's own driving modes while giving you and your Raptor more across-the-board power and torque. You get five 5-Star Custom Tunes, as well as Bully Dog's canned performance tunes on your BDX device.


Select Tunes by Octane and Performance

5-Star's tunes turn up your 2017-2018 3.5L EcoBoost Raptor's power by adjusting its fuel curves, ignition timing, fan control, and a ton of other variables so that your truck makes huge amounts of horsepower and torque. 5-Star's custom tuning even takes into account tire size, drivetrain, and axle ratio so that your F150 operates perfectly no matter your modifications. 5-Star includes a Street Driver Tune for 85 to 89 octane fuel, a Street Performance Tune for 85 to 89 octane fuel, a Street Driver Tune for 90-93 octane fuel, a Street Performance Tune for 90-93 octane fuel, and a Stock Driver tune for all octanes that removes the factory digital limiters without a power increase. The more general tuning scheme preserves all your Raptor's adjustable powertrain modes, keeping your Raptor capable of just about anything while adding horsepower and torque.


Hand-held performance tuner, offers drivers the edge they need, whether it’s increased performance or added fuel economy. The BDX features a sleek design with a full-color display and customizable gauges to track performance where it’s needed the most. The Cloud-based tune delivery and built-in WiFi ensures that the BDX will always include the latest tuning capability. Note: Product does not support any changes to vehicle’s emission system.


How Does The Process Work? Below is a step-by-step overview of our custom tuning process.

Once you’ve selected the tuner that best fits your needs, place your order online or via phone for the tuner that best fits your needs. If ordering online, please input your vehicle information and select your tunes via our drop-down menus. If your pcm code off of your vehicle is the most current calibration from Ford we will tune your vehicle based on your submitted information. If the coding is not current based on Ford’s current TSB’s, a blank device will be sent to you.

    1. Upon receiving your blank tuner, connect the tuner to your vehicle’s OBD-II port with the radio, heat, A/C and other general accessories that require power turned off and pull your ECU strategy code and/or ECU SWPN.
    2. With the device plugged your device into the vehicles OBD-II port select “Vehicle Info.”

      1. With the X4 and BDX devices you will need to press the center button.

      2. For the LiveWire, iTSX and GTX devices you will press select on the screen.

      3. For Diablo InTune devices please follow the steps included with your device.

  • Write down your vehicle strategy code or ECU SWPN part number.

      • For 1996 – 2014 vehicle strategy codes are listed under “ECU Strategy.”

      • For 2015+, vehicle strategy code is listed under “ECU Strategy & ECU SWPN.”

      • For 2011+ 6.7L Ford Diesel applications, we will need ECU Strategy, ECU SWPN, TCU Strategy and TCU SWPN.

      • For other diesel applications, we will need your ECU Strategy & TCU Strategy codes.

  • Select exit & then unplug your device.

    1. Email the code(s) to sales@5startuning.com.

    2. Please allow 24-48 hours to receive your custom tunes. Once your custom tunes have been created, you’ll be emailed a link to our Google Drive account where you’ll be able to download the tunes as SCT .cef files or Diablo .frg/.grg files. If you need assistance, please take a look at our support page or call technical support directly at 407-774-2447.

    3. Once the tunes are loaded onto the device, you may proceed to tune your vehicle.

    4. Plug the device back into your OBD-II port and select program vehicle. Once selected choose your custom tune you wish to program you vehicle with and follow the onscreen prompts.

How Long Does Installation Take? Installation will take approximately 5-10 minutes.

Do I Need A Shop To Install? The installation process of the tuner is simple and can be performed by anyone. No tools are required for the installation.


What If I Have Other Technical Questions? We can always be reached at 843-536-1244 or via email at contact@5startuning.com for questions on concerns on the tuning process. We also feature a support page with information and videos pertaining to loading your custom tunes, updating your device, installation, etc at https://5startuning.com//support/.